99 Body Positive Boudoir Photographers Around the World

Photo courtesy of Suma Jane Dark, a body-positive boudoir photographer who lives in Portland, Oregon and works frequently in California and New York. Request a quote from her  here .

Photo courtesy of Suma Jane Dark, a body-positive boudoir photographer who lives in Portland, Oregon and works frequently in California and New York. Request a quote from her here.

These days, body-positive boudoir photography is blowing up as an empowering and liberating experience that many have raved about. Though traditionally aimed at women, boudoir is for everyone and many studios serve all genders and offer couple sessions. If you’ve never thought about boudoir photography, now is the perfect time! Need a Valentine’s Day gift? Boudoir sessions are perfect for yourself or a loved one.

Here at AllGo, we’ve compiled a list of nearly 100 body-positive boudoir studios located in the U.S. and abroad, where body-positive values have been explicitly stated by the photographers.

And if you know a kick ass body positive photographer that we’ve missed, please add it to the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll keep the list continuously updated.

To empowerment, body liberation, and seeing yourself in a whole new light.


&Helen in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, USA

Artistic, feminine, body-positive boudoir + portraiture.


A La Mojo Photography Studio in Te Marua, Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

We help inspire women to feel beautiful, be rebellious, and to become free.

Our focus is on the gap between the mind the spirit and the body as opposed to the thigh gap.

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Alchemy Portraits in Portland, Oregon

Alchemy Portraits focuses enthusiastically on inclusion and representation of all bodies. Whatever it is that you want or need out of your session, that is what we will create together.


Alexandra Quinn Photography in Knoxville, TN, USA

My shoots are a self love only zone, meaning we don't talk about our bodies in a negative light, instead, we focus on the positive!


Amber Lane Photo in Russellville, AR

I've come to find my true voice and calling as a photographer of love, romance, and femininity. I've built a business based on trust and intimacy with my clients and it's very fulfilling for myself as well as my clients. I find that my strengths lie in my abilities to put my subjects at ease and capture true, raw emotion. What I provide is more than a selfie with an iPhone - it's bringing real love and personality to photos that you will treasure for a lifetime. I aim to provide an experience, not just a service.


Amilia Photography in Knoxville and Nashville, TN, USA

Boudoir is about cultivating self-compassion and self-love, celebrating your body for where it’s at right now and loving it well.


Art of Seduction Boudoir Studio in Chicago, IL, USA

Beauty comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, and whether you’re curvy or not, you’re beautiful.


As Beautiful As Me in Unknown

Welcome to As Beautiful As Me, a place created to celebrate the human body photographed in forms we don't conventionally see in mainstream photography.

Haley 5-3.jpg

Bare Skin Boudoir in Sitka, AK & Lake Tahoe, CA

At Bare Skin Boudoir, we believe that 'beautiful' is not defined by a size, shape, or age. You can be sexy in anything you choose because sexy is a sensation, not an appearance.


Becca Murray in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Body-positive boudoir to empower the feminine spirit.


Beyond.Boudoir in Raleigh, NC, USA

Be Free.

Welcome yourself to the idea of a Body-Positive, Confidence boosting Experience.


Boudoir by Eve in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, USA

As an advocate for body diversity I promise to provide a safe, non-judgemental space for all body types and to challenge cultural and societal beauty ideals.


Boudoir by Janet Lynn in Crown Point, Indiana

I have over 11 years of experience shooting boudoir portraits and working with woman of all shapes, sizes and personalities you can feel confident that you are in good hands. I have found that many of our clients do a boudoir or pinup photo session as a gift but it often becomes one of the most amazing and transformative experiences of their lives…


Boudoir by Lexyv in Cedar Falls/Waterloo/Cedar Valley, IA, USA

I don't care what size your are, what lumps and bulges you have. My main goal with boudoir is to promote body & sex positivity and showcase people of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. The human body is a work of art, display it like one!

amanda boudoir -7.jpg

Boudoir by Meghan in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, USA

I am an active pursuer of body positivity and educating the public about mental health.


Boudoir Ego in San Diego, CA, USA

Boudoir photography is about unlocking your inner beauty and sensuality. Girl, I want you to allow yourself to “Just Be” here at Boudoir Ego. This photography session is all about helping you discover the woman inside. You’re beautiful, You’re Smart and You my dear are perfectly you, so let's celebrate and allow you to Just B.E. with us at Boudoir Ego.

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Brittany Nicole Photography in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

I never knew how much I was into photography until I got my first camera in 2015 for Christmas. I always loved taking photos, and you could tell by the nearly 10,000 photos on my cellphone! There is something special about every photo taken, I've fallen in love with the story each session brings, whether its a new baby, celebrating an engagement, celebrating women when it comes to Boudoir, its a hobby thats very rewarding for me. I have also photographed many different subjects, scenes, and moments all over the world From Maui to Mexico, to the Grand Canyon to the Northern Lights in my front yard.


Brooklyn Boudoir in Brooklyn, NY, USA

My mission is to make women feel FANTASTIC about themselves -- to help them remember the fierce, fabulous, sexy, woman within them, regardless of age, weight or relationship status.


Cheyenne Gil Photography in Philadelphia, PA, USA

I'm in the business of empowering, reclaiming, celebrating, and honoring all bodies. ALL BODIES. All of em.


Cindy Johnson Boudoir Photography in Indianapolis, IN, USA

I believe every body is a work of art, and it is my passion to show you how beautiful you truly are.


Crave Boudoir in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Crave Boudoir is "dedicated to body positivity and empowering women through building confidence.


Crave Studios in Flagstaff, Arizona

CRAVE Boudoir Sessions are important to us for a number of reasons. Mostly, we want you to fall back in love with yourself. Life happens and women have a way of bearing it all on their shoulders and not making enough time for themselves. Downtown Flagstaff's premiere studio where we celebrate ALL body types through intimate & artistic portraiture. It is our mission to empower women & couples through an experience that fully embodies self love.


Dawn V Gilmore Fine Art Photography in Port St. Lucie, FL, USA

"Dawn Gilmore is a professional women’s portrait photographer with almost a decade of experience specializing in numerous disciplines of photography such as:

- Branded Business Imagery

- Women’s photography

- Glamourous shoots

- Little Black Dress

- Boudoir

- And more

Dawn’s passion and knowledge of photography is displayed in her professionalism and execution when on scene. Utilizing the right lighting, proper staging practices, use of backdrops, posing techniques, post-production and more are all critical parts of the final product. What differentiates Dawn from the rest in the industry is her ability to help others see the strength & beauty within themselves.

The most important piece of any photo is the main subject being photographed, and that is YOU. Dawn has the unique ability to make people feel comfortable and confident in themselves which shows in their photos. Everyone is beautiful in their own right and Dawn V Gilmore Photography will put you in the spotlight.

Being a female entrepreneur is packed with all kinds of challenges and obstacles and Dawn knows this. One of her biggest passions is “Empowering Women through Portraits,” where through her portraits sessions, she is able to tell a woman’s story while creating professional, high-quality imagery."

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Duluth Boudoir Photography in Duluth, MN

Welcome to Duluth Boudoir Photography! We are feminists, body advocates, and we are here to liberate you from negative societal norms!


EFP Studios-Boudoir and Beauty in Innisfail, Alberta, Canada

I am a body positive photographer and strive to help every woman love their body and truly love themselves.


Elsie Dippenaar Photography in Pretoria, South Africa, Africa

I’m super passionate about body-positivity. Women should love their bodies and be kind to themselves.


Emerald Studios in Kennewick, WA, USA

Amazing Amazing Amazing. There are no other words. I spent an entire morning being pampered and feeling like a woman It has been a very long time since I felt like a woman. Faith is WONDERFUL!! I will be doing this again. Thank you ladies for making me feel beautiful!"" - Kassandra

Faith is sassy, classy and a bit smart assy. As a professional image expert & photographer specializing in women's portraiture, she is passionate about helping you own your experience as a woman.

Faith is eager to share her body positive message that inspires women to own their God given beauty so they feel confident in all aspects of their lives.

In addition to running her businesses, she is a wife to her husband of 15 years, a mother of 2 sons, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 7 chickens. She also loves to donate her time to her church and several local charities.

Emerald Studios is a feminine space where Faith and her team celebrate women, making them feel pampered and beautiful. Best known for her classy boudoir sessions and unique business portraits, Faith has steadily expanded the services offered at Emerald Studios for over 10 years. In 2014, she added personal styling and image consulting to her services. Through styling appointments and boudoir sessions, Faith learned that the women she serves also had a need for beautiful, comfortable, sexy lingerie. In 2016, she opened Philocaly Lingerie Boutique, a specialty lingerie boutique provides women of all shapes, sizes, and ages with a carefully curated selection of french inspired lingerie.

IMGP0053 (1).jpg

Empower Her Studios in Rockford, IL, USA

Promoting self love and beauty. There are no stipulations on who is beautiful.


Envy Boudoir in Norfolk, VA, USA

Kait has specialized in boudoir since 2018 and continues to expand her education and passion in the subject. She's a hot mess mama of 2 perfect children, has an amazingly loving husband and a pretty stellar dog. You can catch her in pjs or leggings because comfort and mobility is key to a happy life (but seriously, pjs for life). By now you’ve caught on that she's got a self proclaimed sense of humor and always tries to make people smile. She enjoys caramel macchiatos, long strolls through thrift stores and priding herself in sending the best GIFs and memes.


Erika Gayle Photography in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

We as women are spending too much time letting people tell us we’re not thin enough, pretty enough, young enough, or insert-word-here enough.


Erika Orr Intimate Portraits & Lifestyle Photography in Salem, OR, USA

I'm Erika. I'm a mommy to two perfect little boys. I'm an essential oils addict. I drink way too much caffeine, and I can quote Grey's Anatomy episodes basically word for word. I love to travel and explore. I Laugh a lot. I mean... a LOT, and occasionally I even snort-laugh. I love meeting new people, and every single client of mine walks away a friend. I'm absolutely in love with my job, and helping empower women to see their true and authentic beauty exactly as they are in the bodies that God gave them.


Fearlessly You Boudoir by Paige Rynberg Photography in Gibraltar, MI

You are already fearless.

You’re badass, beautiful, and about to surprise yourself in front of my camera. That’s a promise. You may think the only thing you’ll bring into this studio is a barrel of nerves, but what you’ll really bring is the woman you’ve always wanted to be and already are.

That woman is fierce and powerful, confident and desirable, playful, passionate, and loves to feel adored. Truthfully, she’s one badass chick and is about to show up in a BIG way.

We’re here to draw her out. We are not here to just shoot pretty pictures. We want to capture raw emotion and help you feel. Every time you look back at your photos, you’ll relive the emotions you felt in the moment. That’s the nature of boudoir. It has a unique way of capturing the blazingly emotive and feminine spirit unlike anything else.


GlamMarr Studios in St. Louis, MO, USA

Some major beliefs that many women have are that they are not beautiful enough, worthy enough or the right size to succeed in life and love. If only I'd lose weight, If only I didn't have these scars, If only my body looked like hers...

What we offer is the opportunity to see yourself from another perspective, one where these beliefs are challenged.


Hello Babe Boudoir in Phoenix, AZ, USA

Empowering real women through soul strengthening boudoir experiences while encouraging self love and acceptance.


Hey Boudie in Kansas City, MO, USA

It’s hard to love your body, but it’s necessary for survival.


Hey Boudie - Boudior by Tay Daliese in Kansas City, MO

Tay is an amazing photographer with an amazing heart. She is super welcoming to everyone and she is a total ally to both the LGBT+ community and people of color.

hidden exp.jpg

Hidden Exposure Photography in Richmond, VA, USA

My name is Jaime Patterson. I’m an inclusive, body-positive, LGBTQIA+ -affirming photographer based out of Richmond, VA. I specialize in lifestyle/family, portrait, wedding, and boudoir photography. And I want to help bring your stories to life—to share who you are with the world, with your loved ones, and with the incredible human being you see every day when you look in the mirror.

From life-changing events to the smallest, infinitesimal details, like the way you touch your belly when your baby kicks, or the sly, excited grin shared just prior to saying “I do,” yours is a life worth sharing, a love worth celebrating, and a story just waiting to be told. Let me help you tell it.


Hillary West Boudoir in Norfolk, VA

I help women see themselves in a new way. I help them learn to face fears, push their own boundaries and limitations, and learn how to begin to love themselves again...not because someone else does, but because they are worth it! I help women break barriers for themselves and change the script they live by. If we start this journey now, generations to come won't have this problem. They will know that it is just a body, it is a good life and you can love fiercely, no matter who they want!


Illuminate Boudoir in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, USA

Body-positive portraits...In my boudoir sessions, I partner with my clients (I work primarily with women, but welcome folks of all genders) to consider how they want to be photographed, what they want to say to the world, how they want to document themselves.


Imaginez' Boudoir Photography in Phoenix, AZ, USA

With Imaginez' Boudoir, I embrace working with women of all ages and body types, while focusing on cultivating self confident sensuality at every stage of life. My goal is for women to walk away from their session with a renewed sense of confidence, beauty, and empowerment. My work leaves something for the imagination. It is real, organic and thought-provoking. And most important it's about you!


je m'adore fine art portraits in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Award winning fine art portrait studio in Ottawa since 2009, committed to empowering women by offering the everyday woman the most unique style of portraits and a luxury experience. We are devoted to capturing the beauty in everyone. Remember, beauty is not about what size or age you are - it’s about confidence and loving the skin you’re in!


Jessica Tardiff Photography in Lyman, MA

Always uplifting, encourages women to love themselves, shows off the true beauty of a woman no matter her measurements, always making everyone feel amazing, beautiful confident.

CG (38).jpg

Jezebel VonZephyr Photography in Bothell, WA

See yourself through the lens of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE at any size or age. We are a body positive boudoir studio in Bothell, WA. We have team of women that make your experience delightful from start to finish. All of our sessions include hair and makeup and digital images! Some of them also include hand massages and prints. Our retouching policy is very minimal and no Photoshop work is done to your body. We are all about embracing your beauty as it is. It makes the reveal that much more exciting when you know the images are really YOU! We also have a giant client closet full of items for your convenience.


Ez Powers Photography in Chicago, IL, USA

Welcome. Please know that my personal motto is all about feeling good in the bodies we are given. I believe in belly fat, stretch marks, scars, and fat thighs.


Julie Socher Boudoir Portraiture in Washington, DC, USA

This genre of photography is my jam and let me tell you why -- No matter where you are in your life, your age, your size, through this experience we give the middle finger to those unrealistic expectations of vanity thrown in our faces on a daily basis.


Juniper & the Sea in Portland, OR, USA

One year ago we set out on a mission to prove that every body is beautiful, regardless of shape, size, sexual preference, color, age, and more. This turned into a phenomenal experience that allowed us to meet, connect and photograph over 200 women.


Kaitlyn Stoddard in Memphis, TN, USA

Equivalence seeks to combat negative messages from society by bringing you an experience of body positivity and allowing you to be a part of a carefully curated session that celebrates your quirks, curves and story.


Katie Larrington Boudoir in Roanoke, VA, USA

An Intimate Women's Portraiture studio focused on helping women of all body shapes, colors and sizes confidently find their individual femininity, beauty and strength within themselves through the art of photography.


Kendra K in Seattle, WA, USA

This is a place for the bodies. A place where any man or women can be themselves and find love and appreciation for their body again. A place where re-touching does not exist.


Laura Dark Photography in Columbus, Ohio

Laura Dark Photography LLC is a full service photography studio located in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Providing hair styling, makeup, and wardrobe from sizes 0 to 26w! We believe all woman should feel beautiful and no matter size, color, or age should have a photo to represent that beauty. We are a body positive studio with 23 years experience making our clients feel comfortable and gorgeous. We offer boudoir, pin-up, gothic, victorian, ethereal, and sessions with real ambassador wolves and foxes!


Love Your Body Boudoir in Cincinnati, OH, USA

Your Body Loves You, Love It Back. Body Positive, Gender Inclusive, LBTGQ Friendly.


Love Your Body Budoir in Cincinnati, OH

You don't need to look like a magazine centerfold, or a runway model. You are beautiful just the way you are right now. Simply because you are you.

Woman, man, gay, straight or anywhere in between, Schedule a time and let's create images that love your body just as much as you do.


M Fehr Photography in Birmingham, Alabama

A photographer who creates intimate portraits of people and shows them in a vivid and honest way. With the belief that all bodies deserve to be celebrated, Mary offers a space where people can be themselves and love themselves openly.


Marina Boudoir Photography in Manchester, NH, USA

Body positive philosophy


Media Mason in Richland, WA, USA

Media Mason, especially Bou, has been a Big part of my life! She never failed to make me feel beautiful more than I ever knew possible. She broke my shell and took amazing, outstanding, and beautiful pictures of me and captured who I really am!


Melody Dollarhide Studio in Joplin, Mo

Melody constantly tells her clients that she does not use Photoshop. She will show them the back of her camera during sessions and makes sure everyone knows they can be beautiful in the skin they are in.


Moss Photography in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I’m Molly, photographer and ferocious self-love advocate behind Moss Photography. I believe whole-heartedly in the life changing power of boudoir photography. The power of self-love, and owning our own individuality and uniqueness. Boudoir can help you reclaim your body, see yourself in a new light, work past culturally imposed body standards, or be a great excuse to just celebrate YOU!


Natalie Kita Boudoir in Delaware

Natalie Kita is an award-winning photographer with over a decade of experience in boudoir, glamour, and intimate portraiture for women, men, and couples.


Nauti Boudoir in Dayton, Ohio

Nauti Boudoir is an intimate portrait studio welcoming women of every shape,size, and age. Every woman deserves to love herself and see the beauty of the skin she’s in!


NWI Boudoir in Chesterton, IN, USA

We are a body positive studio and firmly believe that women of all ages, all shapes and sizes, and all colors can be sexy.


Quarter Moon Co. in Philadelphia, PA

Like the Quarter Moon, women are multi-dimensional. There's way more to us than what you see at first glance, and so much of our depth is left out of the light (in our home life, and in society in general). Also like the Quarter Moon, women are often in a state of balance, between one phase and the next, between life roles, and between other people's expectations of us. We, like the moon, are full of magic. We harness the beauty in our own chaos, and we light up everything around us, even if you can't see all of our amazingness all at once.

At Quarter Moon Co., we strive to celebrate the multi-dimensional qualities of women, find beauty and balance in the chaos, and illuminate women of all different sizes, shapes, colors, and walks of life. Our work is a balance of bright, quirky, light-hearted images, and deep, reflective, powerful imagery.


Rebecca P. Photography in Wausau, WI, USA

Boudoir photo shoots are a way to see your beauty like never before. It's a body positive experience!


Regal Pictures in Brooklyn, NY

Regal Pictures is a boudoir studio for all bodies. Regal Pictures was founded by photographer and plus size burlesque performance artist, Cathleen Marie Thérèse Parra. She has studied Photography & Media Arts at Parsons The New School For Design in New York City and New Jersey City University in Jersey City, NJ. Cathleen has been working in mediums such as portrait and performance photography, video art, installation and production design for music videos. Her work has been exhibited around the U.S. & internationally. Cathleen is also the New York resident photographer for Danse Theatre Surreality (Paris/NYC).


Revealed Studios in Chicago, IL, USA

Love the Skin you’re in with Body Positive Curvy & Plus Size Boudoir Photography.

riana-lisbeth (24 of 24).jpg

Riana Lisbeth in Calgary, AB, Canada

Photographing Women for Self-Love Inclusive Studio


Roar Boudoir in Cincinnati, OH, USA

Roar Boudoir is here to celebrate and empower people of all body shapes, sizes, and color through the art of Boudoir photography.


Sarah Ann Photography in Sioux City, IA, USA

I'm a body positive photographer who is passionate about empowering humans to love themselves no matter where they are in their journey.


Shameless Photography in New York, NY, USA

Beauty is not determined by size, shape, color, or age. We believe that our job as boudoir photographers is to help you see yourself and your beauty in a new way.


Shameless Photography in San Francisco, CA, USA

Beauty is not determined by size, shape, color, or age. We believe that our job as boudoir photographers is to help you see yourself and your beauty in a new way.


Simply Lush Portrait Boutique in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA

Practicing body positivity? Come see us.


Stef Streb Photography in Columbus, OH

Goddess Sessions are shoots built on empowering women to feel confident and beautiful. Stef believes this exact moment in a woman’s life, whatever it may be, is something to celebrate!


Studio Querencia in Wallingford, CT, USA

We specialize in Intimate Portrait Photography, or more commonly referred to as Boudoir Photography.


Substantia Jones-Adipositivity in New York, NY, USA

Substantia Jones is the founder of and photographer for the photo-activism campaign, The Adipositivity Project." If you're interested in being in the project, there's no fee, but the photos will be public. Substantia also takes paid clients for private photography sessions.


Suma Jane Dark in Portland, OR, USA

Suma Jane Dark is a boudoir, beauty, and intimate lifestyle photographer whose work focuses on body positivity, empowerment, and story telling. They founded their business to celebrate power, beauty, and sensuality at every size.


Sweet Amaranth Body Positive Photography in Seattle, WA, USA

This isn’t your mainstream photography experience: There’s no extreme posing to make your body look unlike its natural form, no heavy retouching, no shame around flyaway hair or fat rolls. This is a safe and LGBTQIAP+-affirming place for you to explore your body’s beauty.


Swiger Photography in Philadelphia, PA, USA

I know first hand how quickly the world can make you feel like you are too flawed, too big, too small, to queer, to feminine, too much. And its hard to believe that all those voices are wrong, but ohhhh how they are. And boudoir is my way of proving those voices wrong.


Terri Hofford Photography Studios in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

After coming to terms with my own body issues, I became passionate about inspiring and empowering women around me and as soon as I delved into the decadent & sensual world of intimate portrait photography, I knew this was exactly where I needed to be.

bee and key.jpg

The Bee & The Key in Norfolk, VA, USA

A boudoir portrait session is NOT an experience exclusive to "model" types, or women in relationships. Every body type, level of modesty, and relationship status is encouraged to give this must-have experience a try. If you're currently not "feelin' yourself" - don't wait until you look more this or that to get your session done. The most rewarding boudoir experience is one where you learn to love yourself just as you are!


The Coterie Columbus in Columbus, OH, USA

Luxury self-love body positive boudoir experience for all womxn.


The Sensual Photographer in Portland, OR, USA

Photographer Kara Pesznecker...embraces working with women of all ages and body types; and focuses on cultivating self confident sensuality at every stage of life.


Three Boudoir in San Diego, CA, USA

We work with women of all ages, shapes, comfort and experience levels. You focus on how you want to feel: empowered, powerful, sexy, etc. Let us focus on the rest.

1e.-IMG_0169_WM (4).jpg

Three Boudoir in Annapolis, MD, USA

We work with women of all ages, shapes, comfort and experience levels. You focus on how you want to feel: empowered, powerful, sexy, etc. Let us focus on the rest.

1e.-IMG_0169_WM (2).jpg

Three Boudoir in Washington, DC, USA

We work with women of all ages, shapes, comfort and experience levels. You focus on how you want to feel: empowered, powerful, sexy, etc. Let us focus on the rest.


Three Boudoir in Philadelphia, PA, USA

We work with women of all ages, shapes, comfort and experience levels. You focus on how you want to feel: empowered, powerful, sexy, etc. Let us focus on the rest.


Three Boudoir in Chicago, IL, USA

We work with women of all ages, shapes, comfort and experience levels. You focus on how you want to feel: empowered, powerful, sexy, etc. Let us focus on the rest.


Three Boudoir in New York, NY, USA

We work with women of all ages, shapes, comfort and experience levels. You focus on how you want to feel: empowered, powerful, sexy, etc. Let us focus on the rest.


Torrid Boudoir in Austin, TX

I am Elizabeth and I intend to help every single woman I am lucky enough to work with feel beautiful, noticed and appreciated. I do this best with a camera in my hand. My mission is to prove to every woman that they are already enough; they are perfect…right this very second. I LOVE TO CAPTURE THE BEAUTY OF A WOMAN AND REVEAL WHAT EVERYONE ELSE SEES.


True You Boudoir in Suffolk, VA, USA

I believe that rediscovering your own beauty can be life-changing. That may sound overly dramatic, but I honestly believe it! I know when I became a mother, I lost myself in trying to figure out who I had to be now that I was a mom. It took a photography session like this for me to finally realize that I was still a WOMAN and wasn’t just the role of “mother”. For me, beauty isn’t how you’re seen by others; it’s a way of seeing yourself."

As body positive photographers, we pride ourselves on making each and every client feel comfortable and excited for their personalized boudoir experience that highlights their individual personality.


Ultra-Spective Photography in Livermore, CA, USA

As body positive photographers, we pride ourselves on making each and every client feel comfortable and excited for their personalized boudoir experience that highlights their individual personality.


Velvet D'Amour in Paris, France

BUST magazine said, 'Velvet's modeling expertise informs her career as a photographer, and she is dedicated to displaying the beauty of diverse bodies—no matter race, size, ability, or gender.


Viktoria Kuti Photography in Bristol, England

I BELIEVE that beauty is not a size, shape or age. All women deserve to be cherished and celebrated, to feel confident and powerful. I believe I can help you with that.


VS Photography in Boston, MA, USA

I aim to support body-positive media through boudoir photography in a number of ways. First, though I edit my photos for consistency and style, I don’t alter my client’s body shape. Flattering angles and lighting? Yes. But photoshopping my client into something they’re not? That practice goes against what I preach, which is to embrace what makes you uniquely beautiful.


Wanderlust Boudoir Studio in Chattanoga, TN

Wanderlust knows how to emphasize every curve! She makes you feel like a Gorgeous & Beautiful Badass.


Wildflower Boudoir in Des Moines, IA

I'm Jenna and I believe in the radical idea that we should love ourselves as we are and support each other to the best of our abilities. I created Wildflower Boudoir because I saw a lacking of self love in the women around me. I want everyone to know it doesn't matter how big you are, what color your skin is, or how old you are. You are beautiful and deserve to feel sexy and confident.


Windy City Pin Up in Chicago, IL, USA

We welcome all humans and are inclusive of working with folks of all identities, sizes, and experiences.


Wolf & Rose Photography in Tyler, TX, USA

I am a firm believer in love. Size, race, religion, and sexuality are all things that are at times used to divide us, but at the end of the day, we all just want to be loved.


XOXO, Alice Boudoir Photography in Saint Louis, MO, USA

I specialize in photographing women, and it’s a personal passion to show women who don’t fit the ‘thin, white, young’ mold; they are just as worthy of sexy photographs as any other woman.


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