Plus Size Shopping Events You Need to Know About

Image courtesy of  Curvy Chic Closet , the Northwest’s Original Plus Size Clothing Event.

Image courtesy of Curvy Chic Closet, the Northwest’s Original Plus Size Clothing Event.

As soon as we published this post about plus size consignment stores, our community asked us to start another list about of plus size consignment events! We thought that was a great idea!

These events are so important to our community. For one, they help plus size people save money (you know our clothes cost more than straight size options!). And speaking of money, many wonderful people earn extra cash by selling gently worn items from their closet.

But more importantly, these events help keep our fabulous fat fashions from being part of the 400 million pounds of clothing that end up in landfills each year.

And to top it off, many of these shopping events are volunteer run fundraisers for important causes in our community! These organizers deserve a round of applause!

When you make it to one (or more!) of these events, please let the organizers know how much I appreciate their work, OK?

To find an event near you, please use the search function in the table below to put in the name of the city. If there are results, you’ll see the events in that city highlighted when you scroll through the table. And if you’ve been to an awesome plus size resale or consignment event we’ve missed, please add it to the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll keep the list continuously updated.


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