From Buying to Ride-Sharing, Tell Us Your Thoughts About Cars


Last summer, we posted a shot of me, my car, and my super cute puppy on Instagram and it ignited a great conversation about cars in our community. We heard dozens of you about the challenges you face while car shopping and taking rides in taxis and their modern-day app-enabled equivalents.

I read all of your stories personally and they really stuck with me. So much so, I ended up doing a ton of reading about how seatbelt lengths are determined and regulated, trends that have impacted the interiors of cars over the years, and many other car-related accessibility topics. Now that I’ve read up on this subject, I’d like to understand your experiences in a more scientific way. Would you take five minutes to complete this survey?

Not only will your responses inform some writing I plan to do about plus-size people and cars, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it resulted in a new AllGo product that will help our community access cars that fit our bodies.

Thank you in advance for completing this survey. I look forward to reading your responses.

Rebecca Alexander2 Comments