Why Back AllGo, A Women-led Startup? Let Us Womansplain It To Ya!


One week into the launch of our Kickstarter and we often hear the question “This is great idea, why did you launch a Kickstarter instead of looking for venture capital?”

It’s a wonderful question to have to answer because its strikes at the core of why we are building an app designed to make the world inclusive. Our experience in seeking capital aligns well with this powerful article from the NYTimes. To quote writer Pui-Wing Tam, “the industry’s pace of change is often glacial.”

The numbers don’t lie. So listen up:
In 2016, Venture representation of partners in capital firms:
0% African American
2% Latino
*According to a survey by the National Venture Capital Association and Deloitte
And in 2017:
Only 4.4% of venture capital went to women-only founded companies.
* According to Fortune 

See a pattern here? And there are many women and minority founders reporting back from the frontlines every day with the same message: Diversity NOW!

We want to change the odds for women founders and we are calling on our community to help us do it. By backing us you are saying that you truly want the world to be a more inclusive and accessible place for ALL.