Do Good Today: Get Out Your Shovel

One of the easiest ways we can live up to the “In Our America” signs in the front windows of our homes and businesses is to shovel snow when it starts to fall.

I live in Portland, Oregon and while we’re gaining experience with snow that sticks, many of us still don’t take the time to clear off our sidewalks when the white stuff arrives.

I hope this post will change that.

Shoveling snow from our sidewalks is a social justice issue. People of all sizes and ability levels need to be able to use sidewalks to get to work, visit loved ones for whom they provide care, and generally just get around. For those of us without adequate health insurance or supplies of sick time, the risk of falling and injuring ourselves can feel overwhelming.

Please practice good allyship today and shovel your sidewalks. Make sure you shovel a space wide enough for walkers and wheelchairs. If you don’t have a shovel, find one to borrow. And if you’re unable to shovel your sidewalks, try to find someone to help you.

When you’re done shoveling, I hope you get a chance to play!

P.S. - Share photos of your shoveled sidewalks with the hashtags #ShovelPortland and #CanWeAllGo.