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We're not about shrinking bodies.
We're about expanding worlds.

Our Story

For years, Rebecca Alexander (AllGo CEO & Co-Founder) has heard fat people say, “As I got bigger, my world got smaller.”

She felt the same way when she was just 18 and agonized about going to Six Flags with her high school class. She went anyway and she spent the day walking around the giant theme park, playing a version of Russian Roulette: Will she fit on this ride, or will she have to stay on the sidelines while her friends ride without her?

The anxiety Rebecca felt that day never left her.

Rebecca hopes AllGo will help people like her get the information they need to enjoy visiting new places.

Our Team


Rebecca Alexander

I founded AllGo because, as a fat woman, I have spent countless hours scouring the internet to reduce my anxiety about going to new places. I love managing scrappy, high-performing teams and telling great stories. Email me about your favorite chairs and places to see amazing rhododendrons.

Michele Amar

I have been helping people travel around the world for a long time. Much of this help has been in the form of easing discomfort and minimizing culture shock for long-term solo travelers. I wanted to create AllGo with Rebecca to make being out in the world a little easier for of millions of people.